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New Ball Park Music Song

If you haven’t heard it yet, here’s a link to the latest Ball Park Music song, She Only Loves Me When I’m There. This one is at the top of my playlist at the moment. Awesome stuff from a local Brisbane band 🙂 Ball Park Music – She Only Loves Me When I’m There

Ingress Field Frenzy

So, I’ve been playng Ingress a little bit lately, and earlier tonight I had to drop into the office to pick up some notes I needed for a meeting tomorrow.  On the way to work, I go past several Ingress portals, and most of the time they are controlled by The Resistance.  Tonight, I noticed…

Connecting to your PC from home

This article explains how you can connect to a PC over the internet using a VPN. I use this for work to allow me to connect to my work PC when I am away from the office, and it requires me to connect to our office VPN first. I won’t go into connecting to a…

Brisbane Floods

My first hand look at the devastation caused by the Brisbane floods….

DropBox – Online data storage

A work colleague showed me DropBox today, as they were saying they have work files spread between their desktop at home, and a laptop. Now, I haven’t used it yet, but DropBox seems to be a nice and easy way to set up a synced folder between multiple machines. The only issue I have with…