I got myself some new headphones!

I previously had a pair of the Corsair HS60, and have had them for a number of years. The headset itself is still working fine (no issues with the sound or anything), it’s just one of the plastic parts on the side of the headset snapped when putting them on one day. I guess that’s expected with plastic, particularly if they have repeated stress on them day in, day out.

So, there’s a new model just released, the Corsair HS65. Seeing as I had no issues with the old headset (apart from a plastic part breaking of course), I decided to stick with the same brand, and it was a good call.

Quick review, as I’ve only had them for a day, they are comfy, lighter than the old model, sound great, and seem to block out a bit more sound than the old model. This might also be because I replaced the ear pads on the old model with some fabric pads, and these come wrapped mostly in that fake leather / vinyl that headphones like to use. I’m not a big fan of this vinyl part, as over time it deteriorates and ends up like black dandruff.

I’ll post a more detailed review once I’ve used the headset for a little while.