Welcome to PeterCallaghan.com!

What is this site all about? Well, this is just my little corner of the web. There is not a lot to see here at the moment, as I have not had a lot of time to devote to my site of late. I have “recently” changed over to a WordPress based system for my site, so I should be able to make updates to the site a lot more.

About me… I am a 30-something male living in Brisbane, in sunny Queensland, Australia. I have degrees in Human Movement Studies and Information Technology, and am currently working as a Development/Project Manager for a technology company that runs a car rental comparison website. I am also an Inline Skate Instructor, and can teach you to skate, even if you’ve never tried it before. I also enjoy playing video games… yes, I’m a gamer :-o. Another project of mine is a website where you can view the latest region free games, in particular for the Xbox 360, that can be imported from overseas for a lot cheaper than you can buy them here in Australia.

Being a web developer/programmer, I often come across interesting tools related to web development. I’ll try to post anything I find interesting that I think might be worth sharing. I will sometimes develop my own tools, and will be releasing a set of free ASP.NET controls that I have developed and used over the years. I am also considering building a Content Management System soon based on ASP.NET, that is simple to use, and SEO friendly.

Thanks for visiting 🙂