I have been rather slack in posting lately, and it’s mainly because there has been a lot going on in my life. I’ve bought a house (well, a single story townhouse to be exact), and have been very busy at work and play. I will add another post in a few days to elaborate on above, but today, I wanted to add some info on the recent flooding in Brisbane.

Today, I got a first hand look at the devastation the floods have caused. I am lucky where I am on the North side of Brisbane. All we got was a lot of rain, and some local flash flooding, but nothing compared to some of the southern and western suburbs. Today, our entire office went out to volunteer our time to help out with the clean up. After looking at information posted on a few web sites, we decided to head out to Yeronga, as we heard they needed volunteers out that way. Seems everyone else had the same idea, as they had lots of people helping out.

Yeronga was pretty badly hit by the floods, but it got worse. After a little while helping out at Yeronga, we decided to head on out to Goodna, a little further out west to see if we could find some people to help out there. I tell you what, it’s sobering to see some of the houses out there. To think that some were completely underwater, and some people have lost everything.

We found one such family that has lost everything, and their house was covered by the floodwater by more than two metres above their roof. We spent the day helping them clean out the inside of their house, disinfecting everything and scrubbing out a lot of the muck off the walls, floors and ceilings in every room. Needless to say they were very grateful for the help, and we were more than willing to lend our hands to help out.

The sobering thought is that was one house in their street that we helped out, and there were many others in the same boat. To then think of the number of suburbs affected by the floods, and how many houses need the same assistance we gave, we need everyone that is able to lend some of their time to help out as much as possible.